Say It With Love

Create peaceful, meaningful connection with respect!

Stop feeling misunderstood, frustrated and wishing things were different.

Start communicating openly with ease!

I want this program!

Imagine making a lasting change with a foundation of strength, admiration, acceptance, and secure emotional support; and doing it in a way that feels authentic and true to you and the relationship you crave.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re open and you talk but you don’t feel understood.
  • You hold back to avoid conflict or avoid upsetting your partner.
  • You don’t know how to talk about the things bothering you.
  • You’re not on the same page and you don’t feel heard or accepted.
  • You feel drained by misunderstandings, assumptions and conflict, and you wish things were different.

I’ve got GREAT news – you are in the right place at the right time!

Hi, I’m Dr. Gayle

Intimacy expert, speaker, author and teacher dedicated to helping you create a love life you love.

I special in helping people gain the confidence to freely be their true selves – in and out of the bedroom. Teaching people how to bring out the best in themselves and their love life is what I do best.

I have a unique ability to see a clear path through the multifaceted complexities of relationship connection, without ongoing therapy. Life is for living, not rehashing.

I believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently about communication in relationships and sex. It starts here and it starts now!

Say It With Love

It’s difficult to be fulfilled in the bedroom when there’s conflict or distance in the living room.

Walking on eggshells is hard. And if your voice wasn’t valued in the past you may never have learned what safe, respectful communication feels like. Relationships can be messy and challenging. Talking about it doesn’t have to be.

Live a life where you feel relaxed to confidently express yourself, or enjoy comfortable silence free from tension.

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Say It With Love is a robust but easy to digest program.

For instance:

  • You will learn exactly what’s needed for a fulfilling and happy relationship.
  • You will learn to appreciate different communication styles.
  • You will learn how to speak with intention to create peace and harmony.
  • You will learn how to understand each other clearly and authentically.
  • You will learn how to speak your truth with an open heart and open mind.
  • You will learn how to minimize and resolve conflicts with love.
  • You will learn how all of this leads to increased desire and sweet pillow talk.

"She is highly intuitive and sensitive to the unique needs of her clients."

“Dr. Gayle is sensitive, caring and professional in her work. I consider myself fortunate to know her as a colleague and friend who helped me through a very tough time. She is highly intuitive and sensitive to the unique needs of her clients. She demonstrates an authentic, genuine approach in her interactions with others. She offers an ease with which trust and rapport is accessible and natural in her client relationships, which facilitates a positive healing treatment experience. Thank you Gayle.”

~ Ryan Rickert, MFT Palm Springs, CA

OMG! Yes!

Say It With Love

For the best relationship and sex of your life!

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll discover when you dig into this process:

Module 1: The Foundation

These are the must haves of building a solid foundation for a great relationship with passion, pleasure and happiness. You want to know this!

    • Exactly what to focus on to create a solid relationship base.
    • Patterns of how you connect and how to shift them.
    • What the 5 points of intimacy are and their benefits.

Module 2: The ‘Say It With Love’ Model

Good communication has different elements to consider that you probably weren’t taught but they are essential to know.

    • What you do and don’t have control over in any conversation.
    • What the 7 elements of communication are and how they interact.
    • The simple overarching theme of the entire model.

Module 3: The Whole Truth and Nothing But

It doesn’t matter how much you learn, if you hang on to mistruths that don’t serve you they’ll always be in the way.

    • Why you have triggers and how to minimize them.
    • 2 words that will move you from struggle to peace.
    • How to raise awareness of and reclaim your true self.

Module 4: Safety and Acceptance

This is where the rubber meets the road and you create what is needed to openly share and grow closer.

    • The intriguing reasons why men & women converse differently.
    • How to create safety with an open heart and mind.
    • Be there for your partner who’s trusting you with their heart.

Module 5: Tackling the Tough Stuff

You are two different people coming from different places – get the exact wording to help with difficult conversations.

    • Discover the patterns of disconnections so you can shift them.
    • Shit happens! Get my exact formula to resolve conflict with love.
    • How to speak your truth with integrity, love and kindness.

Module 6: Onward, Upward & Over-the-Moon!

Learn the little things to keep you deliciously connected that are all easy, doable and time efficient.

    • Ways to cultivate an atmosphere of genuine appreciation.
    • Specific skills to release the pressure valve and decrease stress.
    • Take the skills from this program and parlay them into the bedroom.

And that’s just a brief overview!

I believe everyone is worthy of a great love life. And I believe everyone is worthy of and can create great connection.

I believe that everyone should have access to real deal training from someone who has been in the trenches and walked the hero’s journey to relationship bliss.

I believe in finding relationship flow without forcing. I believe in healing over hurting. And I believe in keeping it real and transparent. No blame, no shame and no judgments. Always.

Yours for a fraction of the live
workshop investment!

Why am I offering this for so little?

Because I believe everyone needs and should have easy access to these skills and tools.

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Start creating great connection for a love life you love!

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About Dr. Gayle

Dr. Gayle Friend, is an intimacy expert specializing in helping people gain the confidence to freely be their true selves—in, and out of the bedroom. Gayle is a doctor of human sexuality and has co-facilitated training for therapists and medical doctors on the broad diversity of sexuality. Her steadfast belief that, no matter what, the sun will shine again is the current running through her keynotes, workshops, coaching, and writing.

Once on the brink of a second divorce, Gayle developed a process that turned her, and her marriage, completely around. She is highly successful in helping her clients replicate this in their own relationships to create happy love lives. Gayle share hope and her transformational approach in her forthcoming book, Make Love Great (2020)

When not geeking out on science, sexuality & spirituality, Gayle can often be found at the beach collecting heart-shaped rocks, painting, or cooking up a storm with her husband. Connect with Gayle at

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